Raportoi sulautetun ohjelmiston testikattavuus

Raportoi sulautetun ohjelmiston testikattavuus

Lauterbachin reaali-aikaisella kattavuusraportoinnilla osoitat, että sulautettu ohjelmistosi on testattu riittävän kattavasti.TÜV NORD on sertifioinut työvälineen kvalifiointikitin käytettäväksi turvakriittisten järjestelmien verifiointiin (mm. ISO 26262 SIL D). Lauterbach voidaan kytkeä olemassa oleviin testausjärjestelmiinne mahdollistaen hardware-in-loop (HIL) testauksen. Lisäksi se integroituu yleisiin yksikkötestausohjelmistoihin (kuten Cantata). Nohaulla on kokemusta sulautettujen laitteiden testaamisesta ja integroinnista CI-järjestelmiin. Lue lisää…

Lue lisää… Cantatan ja Lauterbachin integraatiosta.

Käytätkö langattomia protokollia turvallisesti?

Käytätkö langattomia protokollia turvallisesti?

Frontline SonderaIoT-laitteiden langattomat yhteydet kannattaa suunnitella ja testata huolella. Esim. Bluetooth yhteys voi mahdollistaa ei toivotun laitteen kytkemisen, jos aikakatkaisu epäonnistuneen pariliitoksen jälkeen on liian pitkä. Samoin ongelmallista on, jos suojaustila on väärä ja sallii luvattoman Object Push -profiilin (OPP) ja siten tietojen luvattoman lataamisen.

Nämä ja monet muut haasteet selvität nopeasti Bluetooth analysaattorilla – kysy lisää tai lue..

Huomioi OWASP Top 10 C/C++ kehityksessä

Huomioi OWASP Top 10 C/C++ kehityksessä

Teidätkö mitkä ovat yleisimmät haavoittuvuudet C/C++ kielessä? Staattinen analyysi huolehtii, että pystyt välttämään niitä. Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) on voittoa tavoittelematon organisaatio, joka on perinteisesti keskittynyt web-ohjelmistojen turvallisuuden parantamiseen. Samat asiat koskevat yhä enemmän myös sulautettujen ohjelmistojen kehittäjiä. Lue lisää…

Quick CAN bus diagnosis from one hand

Quick CAN bus diagnosis from one hand

PCAN-MiniDiag FD is a handheld device for the basic diagnosis and fast checking of CAN and CAN FD buses.

The battery-powered device has functions which show, for example, the termination, bus load, message and error counters as well as the levels at the CAN connection. In particular, for the first time, users can access any CAN network in a matter of seconds with the innovative transmission rate detection. More precisely, bit timing measurements are used to determine the nominal bit rate for CAN and the data bit rate for CAN FD.

The PCAN-MiniDiag FD can easily be operated with one hand due to its compact size and fits into any conventional trouser or jacket pocket. The device is suitable for service technicians and developers who want to quickly access unknown CAN networks in vehicles, machines, or industrial facilities and perform simple diagnostics. The PCAN-MiniDiag FD has a D-Sub connector, an OLED display, a membrane keyboard with four keys, and a housing with increased IP42 ingress protection.

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Hunting Linux Time-Eaters with Hardware Based Tracing

Hunting Linux Time-Eaters with Hardware Based Tracing

LauterbachTRACE32 Success Story

The ability to analyze the runtime behavior of a target system can be a very important, but often overlooked, part of the debug process. Often, in a real-time system a late answer is as bad as a wrong answer.

Various software tools exist, especially in the Linux world, to help measure the performance of an embedded system but sometimes they just end up compounding the problem.

This article shows how Advanced Driver Information Technology GmbH (ADIT) in Hildesheim used Lauterbach’s TRACE32, a non-intrusive hardware-based trace tool to overcome such a problem.

QA Systems’ Cantata Unit and Integration Testing Tool Integrated with Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger

QA Systems’ Cantata Unit and Integration Testing Tool Integrated with Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger

LauterbachQA Systems Cantata now supports Lauterbach’s TRACE32 Debugger. This integration will facilitate the full automation of testing practices such as verification, code coverage and traceability for debugging compiled code on embedded applications.

TRACE32 certified for ISO 26262 code coverage

TRACE32 certified for ISO 26262 code coverage

Lauterbach are pleased to announce that the TRACE32 Tool Qualification Support-Kit (TQSK) has been certified by TÜV NORD to ISO 26262:2011 for developing systems up to and including
ASIL D, the highest level.

With deeply embedded software playing a more significant role in our everyday lives it becomes more important that this software is developed well and is able to function as intended even in unforeseen circumstances. To this end numerous software safety standards have been developed for industries which where software failure will cause injury or loss of life: automotive, medical, avionics, etc. In many jurisdictions, compliance to these standards is mandated.

Many different tools may be used in the development of a safety critical system and it is not unreasonable to expect the same level of quality and reliability from the tools which are used to develop, build and test these systems. After all, a tool is usually just another combination of hardware and software and it also needs to be proven to be reliable and consistent when in use. With the Tool Qualification Support-Kit Lauterbach gives developers the peace of mind of knowing that the TRACE32 family of products have been demonstrably shown to produce consistent, reliable results and can be proven to an internationally recognized high standard. Not only does this provide an extra level of confidence but can also greatly reduce the time and cost required to certify a toolset for a particular project.

Says Norbert Weiss, International Sales Manager at Lauterbach: “The Lauterbach philosophy has always been to provide high quality tools for professional developers. I see the TQSK as providing another advantage to our customers and allowing them to push the boundaries of what is possible even further and with less risk. After all, if you’re developing world leading solutions you should also be using world leading tools.”

The TQSK is available now for both new and existing Lauterbach customers. Please visit the registration page https://www.lauterbach.com/register_tqsk.html to obtain your copy

SEGGER introduces IoT Toolkit to access cloud based services

SEGGER introduces IoT Toolkit to access cloud based services

SEGGER’s IoT Toolkit is a complete set of tools empowering IoT devices to interact with cloud based services, such as AWS, Azure, Dropbox, Twitter, Xively, and others. The set includes an http client and a JSON-parser and has been designed from the ground up for resource-constrained embedded systems. The IoT Toolkit works on top of the IP-Stack embOS/IP and can apply transport layer security via emSSL, if required.

The toolkit support ranges from simple jobs such as retrieving a web page via the http protocol to complex tasks such as communicating with a REST based API using the JSON description language.

A real world application sample is SEGGER’s Dropbox client, which uses the IoT toolkit to connect with the latest Dropbox API. For evaluation all IoT tools are available as free to use Windows executables.

“The embedded industry is strongly moving towards cloud-based solutions. The demand for simple ways to connect to cloud servers is growing with IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. Whether the device shall be capable of broadcasting messages, or sending warnings on multiple channels using MQTT for instance or simply log events or store data at a cloud service via CoAP, with our IoT Toolkit, customers can easily set up their device for communication with a cloud based service with the least effort”, says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER.

Väyläratkaisut nopeasti kuntoon

Väyläratkaisut nopeasti kuntoon


Toimitamme Peak-Systemsin väylätekniikan tuotteita CAN, CAN FD ja LIN kenttäväyliin. Tuotevalikoima kattaa kenttäväylän I/O moduulit kaikissa formaateissa, ohjelmoitavat väyläreitittimet ja diagnostiikka tuotteet sekä väyläohjelmistot.

Palveluihin kuuluu myös asiakaskohtaiset räätälöidyt tuotteet.

Katso kaikki tuotteet Peak-systemsin sivuilta..

Lisätietoja: Pyydä tarjous

PCAN-Router FD

Yleiskäyttöinen ohjelmoitava muunnin CAN FD:lle ja CAN:lle. PCAN-Router FD mahdollistaa yhteyden kahteen CAN FD- tai CAN-väylään. Moduulin toiminta ja datan reititys molempien CAN FD -kanavien välillä on vapaasti ohjelmoitavissa. Voit helposti muuntaa viestit CAN:sta CAN FD:lle tai päinvastoin.

PCAN-Router Pro FD mallissa on 6 FD kanavaa ja lisäksi mahdollisuus tallentaa dataliikenne.


PCAN-Diag FD on helposti mukana kulkeva diagnostiikkalaite, joka analysoi siirtonopeudet, laskee virhekehykset ja mittaa väylän päät sekä väylän kuormituksen. Huoltoteknikot ja kehittäjät voivat nopeasti selvittää CAN- ja CAN FD – verkkojen häiriöt ja suorittaa tarkempia mittauksia.

PCAN-Micro-Mod väylämoduuli

Plug-in mikromoduuli tarjoaa nopean ratkaisun kehittää omaan laiteeseesi CAN/CAN-FD-liitäntä I/O-toiminnoilla. Erilaisilla emolevyt tarjoavat nopean ratkaisun pilotointiin, ennen oman emokortin valistamista.

Flasher ATE High Speed Gang Programming Solution

SEGGER announces Flasher ATE High Speed Gang Programming Solution

“SEGGER Flashers have long been used for mass production. Listening to our customers, we have now created a Gang Programmer that has the same features and speeds and leaves nothing to be desired. It simply works, and programs any kind of target system in minimum time. Whether it is used to program 10 different targets or 10 similar targets or any setup in between, Flasher ATE is up to the task”, says Dirk Akemann, Technical Marketing Manager at SEGGER.

SEGGER announces the availability of Flasher ATE, a brand new modular gang programmer. It uses the same Turbo-Mode and Universal Flash loaders proven in the Flasher PRO and other members of the Flasher family.

Flasher ATE supports up to 10 completely individual parallel programming channels. Each channel has its own programming circuit and memory, allowing it to be used individually and programs at maximum speed on every channel.

In mass production, the in-system programming process usually is tightly coupled with the testing facilities such as Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) or similar devices. Flasher ATE comes with a ready to use UART communication channel, hand shake lines, USB and Ethernet interfaces. Any of these can be used to control its operation. In addition to this, the built-in web and FTP servers allow updates and monitoring from the nearby production control office. Support for programming of unique serial numbers and patch data is also included.

Flasher ATE can program both on or off chip memory. All that is required is a flash loader, which is already available for most popular devices and can be created for all others.

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