Develop Functional Safety Applications based on IEC 61508 (FI)


Functional Safety
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Develop Safety Critical Applications

The course will cover the advanced topics on developing safety critical applications with a focus on applying SW methods and tools used for achieving safety targets. It will show how to plan the SW development lifecycle, and how it is affected by constraining safety requirements and through a case study.

Furthermore it will illustrate the effects on the project documentation (SW requirements specification, design documentation, testing documentation, etc.). Some of the tools available for providing support for different techniques used to meet certain SIL criteria will be presented.

Course Goal

Help you to scope and plan your activities better for safety but also introduce the set of methods and tools development engineers can use to achieve safety goals.


The course is suited for you who are involved in the critical SW development susceptible to changes due to specific certification requirements.

Previous / Knowledge

The course is intended for you who have previously completed the introductory course to Functional Safety or if you are familiar with the basic concepts of functional safety (such as safety integrity levels and their allocation, risk management, safety life cycle and safety management). The most important principles will be introduced again though now focusing only on SW development activities.


Areas which will be covered are:

  • IEC61508 Part 3
  • Relevant parts of IEC61508 Part 1
  • IEC61508 Part 6 (w.r.t. the application of IEC61508-3)
  • IEC61508 Part 7 (Annex C)
  • Certificated or recommended tools


Dubravka Ilić , Project Manager at Space Systems Finland

  • PhD in Computer Science, Åbo Academy University, FIN
  • In 2007 PhD Ilić joined Space Systems Finland Ltd to work numerous Project and Safety Management roles, like:
  • Space: Critical SW verification & validation
  • Railway: Support and analysis of system reliability and safety
  • Nuclear: Assessments, audits, consulting for different safety critical devices used in NPPs
  • All these supporting tasks are based on a good understanding of different normative basis: IEC 60880, IEC 61513, IEC 61508, IEC 62138, EN 50128, EN 50126, EN 50129, IEC 62279 etc.
  • TÜV Certified Functional Safety Professional (TS12050352)

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