Develop IoT applications with Cortex-M and connect to the IBM Watson Internet of Things platform


9th October in Espoo - FULLY BOOKED

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Martti Viljainen
Puh: +358 40 546 0142

Welcome to a practical workshop on how to develop IoT applications with Cortex-M and connect devices to the IoT world of IBM!

  • Learn how to develop an embedded system with MDK-ARM and connect it to IBM Watson IoT platform, which is a cloud service with many possibilities.
  • Use a secure, smart and scalable platform as your IoT hub to make real-time analysis of users, machines, and system-generated data, from simple sensors to speech, text, and video recognition.
  • You can control devices within an IoT ecosystem by viewing usage and performance patterns and detecting anomalies.
  • Expand your customer offering with services like predictive maintenance.
  • Or why not add artificial intelligence to your IoT system? Your imagination is the only limitation of what you can do!

Join this Nohau workshop to gain practical experience on how to enable your embedded system for IBM Cloud services.

Each workshop participant receives a STM746 Discovery Development Card from Nohau.

Afterwards, you will also have an evaluation license for Keil MDK-ARM and access to Lite version for the Watson IoT platform (free up to 500 units and 200 MB of data per month).
– So you can continue on your own after the workshop.

NOTE! You must bring your own Windows laptop.


  •  Introduction to the IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform
  • Training with Keil ARM-MDK and connection to IBM Watson IoT

In this workshop you will learn that:

  • Create your first Cortex-M software (including download, installation and configuration of ARM-MDK)
  • Connect it to the IBM Watson Internet of Things platform
  • Develop a small application to read the device in the cloud

Time & Place

9th October in Espoo – FULLY BOOKED
At: 09:45-15:30 (registration 09:45-10:00)

Address: Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14, Espoo

Free workshop, lunch and coffee included.

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