emSecure – Digital Signatures

– Prevent hacking and cloning.

emSecure is a SEGGER software package that allows creation and verification of digital signatures. One important feature is that emSecure can make it impossible to create a clone of an embedded device by simply copying hardware and firmware.

Why should I use emSecure?

Security consideration

emSecure can be used for two security approaches:

  1. Anti-hacking: Prevent tampering or exchange of data, for example the firmware running on a product, with non-authorized data.
  2. Anti-cloning: Prevent a firmware to be run on a cloned hardware device.


  • RSA or ECDSA – Dual keys, private and public make it 100% safe
  • Hardware-independent, any CPU, no additional hardware needed
  • High performance, small memory footprint
  • Simple API, easy to integrate
  • Applicable for new and existing Products
  • Complete package, key generator and tools included
  • Drag-and-drop Sign And Verify application included
  • Full source code in C
  • Free ‘Sign & Verify’ Windows Version to Protect Personal Files

Technical Background

The emSecure-ECDSA signing operation starts by using a secure hash algorithm (SHA256) to generate a hash from the original data. Using the ECDSA private key a digital signature is created following the digital signature algorithm.


emSecure Signing Technical Details:

The emSecure-ECDSA verification process starts with the data one wishes to verify and the digital signature which was created from the original file. A hash value is generated for the unverified data. The ECDSA public key is used to extract the original hash from the signature and then compare it with the generated hash to verify whether the data file is genuine or not.

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