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The topics include:

  • Use cases for Trustzone
  • Theory of operation
  • Hands on demo using Keil MDK

Teollisuuden väylät ja gateway-ratkaisut

Tässä webinaarissa käymme yhteenvedon omaisesti lävitse teollisuuden IoT – väyläratkaisuja ja niiden yhteensovitusta erilaisten gateway-ratkaisujen avulla.

Rust language in embedded systems

A webinar about Rust, a modern language that has become increasingly competitive alternative to the C/C++ traditionally used for developing embedded system. We will have a brief overview on its salient language features.

Multicore Debug and Real Time Trace

The 45 min webinar will give insights in how to debug a multicore system using TRACE32 from Lauterbach.

Understanding Bluetooth specifications and versions

All Bluetooth specification versions bring new Use cases. There are some fundamental differences in these use cases from a technology and application point of view. We can help you understand these differences

Demo: Introduction to CodeSonar

We will show how to do an analysis, how to view result and manage warnings and how to launch CodeSonar from Jenkins (CI). Static analysis has been proven to be a highly valuable member of software verification tool suites.

Why Use Unit Tests?

In the webinar we will look at Cantatas unique features and what is new in version 9. We will show you how to quickly get a test framework up and running, and then write and execute a couple of tests.

Improve the Software Quality with Static Analysis

Static analysis has been proven to be a highly valuable member of software verification tool suites, yielding significant benefits to development, QA, and audit teams.

We show how to view result and manage warnings and how to launch CodeSonar from Jenkins (CI).

Deep static analysis everywhere – Part 1. Julia Soft

Transferring the lessons learned from safety and security critical software to other softeware domains.

Deep Static Analysis for Java, Android and .Net – Part 2. Julia Soft

Whereas embedded software (typically written in C/C++) must comply with strict safety and security standards, there are no such requirements for enterprise software (typically Java/C#).

In 10 minutes – Create your own startup script in TRACE32

With RTOS awareness and custom windows.

In 10 minutes – Learn how to setup debugging of the Linux kernel in TRACE32

This is a short tutorial of what you need to debug Linux in Trace32.

In 10 minutes – Learn how to use breakpoints in TRACE32

This is an introduction to program and read/write breakpoints.

In 10 minutes – Learn how to debug Linux user space in TRACE32

This video will show how to debug user space processes, thread and libraries using Trace32 from Lauterbach.

In 10 minutes – Learn how to display variables in TRACE32

An introduction of different ways to look at variables.

In 10 minutes – Learn how to look at memory and variables in TRACE32

This is an introduction of different ways to look at memory and registers when debugging your application.

Using third party applications in your IT, IOT or embedded system?

Do you know your outstanding risk?
Static analysis for binaries can provide you with a quick risk assessment.
Security Analysis – CodeSonar. GrammaTech

Deep learning computer vision on a Cortex M7 with CMSIS-NN

Short introduction to computer vision with machine learning.
Benefits of MDK-Keil for Cortex-M development.
Demo of STM Discovery board running a machine learning computer vision model.

Debug your Embedded system using Lauterbach

How to get most use out of Lauterbach. You will learn how to get started with Lauterbach and start debugging your embedded application. We will go over the basic debug features of Lauterbach and what you can do.

Trace your embedded system using Lauterbachs trace functionality

Learn how to maximize your development using Lauterbachs trace functionality. We will go over how to use trace and how you can do advanced debugging, performance measurement and Code Coverage.

How to use Lauterbach Solutions to optimize your applications for power consumption

Power Debugging is a methodology that provides developers with information about how the software implementation of an embedded system affects the system’s power consumption. LAUTERBACH integrated power measurement.

Automation and API with Lauterbach

Learn how you can use an API to connect Lauterbach with your system or component test. We will also go over what type of Code Coverage and performance reports you can get from Lauterbach and how you can share them with your whole organization. Also how you can use Lauterbach with your CI system.

Get started with Keil MDK version 5

You will learn how easy and quick it is to get started with Keil MDK version 5 and to efficiently develop applications for microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®-M processors.

Maximize your development with Keil ULINKpro

You’ll learn how to maximize your development by using Keil ULINKpro Debug & Trace adapter.

KEIL ULINKpro – Maximize your development.

Take advantage of KEIL ULINkpro Debug & Trace Unit. ULINKpro delivers real-time data and instruction trace giving you access to sophisticated application analysis e.g. execution profiling and code coverage.

Introduction Debug and Trace with DS-5

Live demo with a Zynq-7000 board and a ULINK Pro.



Why use unit tests?

Quickstart – Cantatas unique features does the job!

Hitta CWE/SANS topp 25 med CodeSonar

De 25 farligaste programvarufelen är farliga, eftersom de tillåter angripare att helt ta över programmet, stjäla data, eller förhindra programmet från att fungera överhuvudtaget. Live demo – på svenska.

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