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Mikael Johnsson
Phone: +46 (0)40 59 22 01

Cantata allows you to dynamically test your code with intelligent unit and integration testing, in the most cost-effective way. Cantata also simplifies traceability between requirements and tests.

Why use unit tests?

Unit tests show that the code does what it should. Test coverage metrics can be seen as a quality level indicator. Many projects have the goal to achieve 100% test coverage of the code. In particular if you work according to a Safety Standard like ISO 26262 or IEC 61508

By doing unit tests, you can ensure that so-called regression faults will not occur in future builds, e.g. if you change code A so that function B fails, you would discover such an error.

With unit test you detect errors early, and hence unit tests are considered to be more cost-effective than integration testing, system testing or functional testing.

In the webinar we will look at Cantatas unique features, how you quickly get a test framework up and running, and then write and execute a couple of tests:

  • How do you get started quickly with a test framework.
  • Quality goal of the software, and how easy it is to change the requirements.
  • The visualization of code coverage, and if tests go through.
  • Cantatas unique opportunities with the wrapper functionality.
  • Test on host or target
  • Safety standards compliance
  • Documentation of results and test reports

Hands on demo of Cantata v8 novelties like Code Change Analysis, Custom Code injections.

Presenter: Martin Andersson is Team Leader for Nohau Support and have a M.Sc. Electrical Engineering from Lund University, Sweden. He has more than 15 years experience from production and development of real-time control systems.

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