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”Vaatimuksista  tuotteeksi” - seminaari

Paikka: Teknopolis, Kalevankatu 2, Tampere
Aika: 1. Helmikuuta, klo 8.30 – 12.00
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Nohau SolutionsNohau Solutions

Lean Software Development

Scandinavia's leading supplier of solutions for software systems and embedded products.
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Embedded Development & Debugging

C Programming for Embedded Systems, part I

5-6 April/Tampere
24-25 April/Gothenburg
8-9 May/Copenhagen
2 days

Embedded Development & Debugging

Using C++ in Embedded Systems - Applying C++11/C++14

27-29 March/Stockholm
2-4 May/Tampere
3 days

Embedded Development & Debugging

Yocto Project - Future of Embedded Linux

14-16 March/Stockholm
3-5 April/Copenhagen
10-12 May/Tampere
3 days


Vaatimuksista tuotteeksi - seminaari

1. Helmikuuta 2017
klo 8.30 – 12.00
Teknopolis, Kalevantie 2, Tampere

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