Webinar: Exploring Zephyr – A Comprehensive Introduction and Beyond


31 May 2024 / 10.00 - 11.00 (CEST)

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Magnus Kindberg
Business Area Manager – Nohau Academy
Phone: +46 (0)40 59 22 22

Exploring Zephyr: A Comprehensive Introduction and Beyond

This webinar, presented in partnership between Ac6 and Nohau, offers a comprehensive introduction to the Zephyr OS. Participants will explore Zephyr’s key features, setup process, and its build system, with practical demonstrations on the NXP FRDM-MCXN947 board. The session will also cover configuration through Kconfig and the Device Tree and conclude with a Q&A session.


Overview of Zephyr RTOS
Discussion on key features and advantages
Presenting NXP FRDM-MCXN947 board used in demos

Getting Started with Zephyr:
Setting up the development environment
Overview of the Zephyr project structure
Walkthrough of a simple first application

Understanding the Build System:
Explanation of the build steps
Overview of generated files
Introduction to key Python scripts used in the build process

Introduction to the Kconfig system
Configuring kernel and application options
Explaining the concept of the Device Tree
Customizing the Device Tree for specific hardware

Zephyr Subsystems Concept:
Rationale behind subsystems in Zephyr
Brief overview of Zephyr subsystems

Q&A Session


Roy Jamil, with a PhD in the field of real-time embedded systems, has over six years of experience as a Training Engineer at Ac6. His experience includes programming, Linux, writing Linux drivers, Yocto, and various Real-Time Operating Systems. Roy authored a zephyr training course that attracted hundreds of engineers

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