Why is Lauterbach your favorite tool?

Lauterbach“-The Best feature about Lauterbach is the way it’s able to handle and present tracedata. If you have the ability to use trace, you should absolutely do so. The way that Lauterbach handles tracedata is exceptional and I can’t say there is any better tool to find bugs with. To be able to have the Trace chart with symbols(left), the trace data(middle) and the source code(right) in track-mode, which means when you click in a window the other two will follow to that line of code. This makesit very easy to see what have happen and find if there was any unwanted behavior.

With Lauterbach it’s also possible to use CTS (Context Tracking System) i.e. debug your tracedata. In CTS mode you have the possibility to step backwards in your code and see each state of the system how it changes.” /Björn Skånberg, FAE, Nohau Solutions AB

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