TRACE32 helps MATLAB/Simulink developers from model to target

Lauterbach, the World’s leading supplier of debug and trace tools, is pleased to announce an update to their integration with MathWorks MATLAB® and Simulink®. Scientist and engineers around the world have come to rely upon MATLAB for designing and testing complex models. Now, using the embedded coder, these models can be automatically converted into C or C++ code and compiled using an industry standard cross-compiler to run on a variety of embedded targets.

The integration with TRACE32 provides the capability to download this code to the target, execute it under user control and report back to the MATLAB environment to compare the model against real-world code. This feature works with all embedded devices supported by TRACE32 and with the TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulators, allowing early software development before the arrival of the final target hardware. TRACE32 leverages both the rtIOStream API and the new MATLAB Debugger Abstraction Interface to provide a tight integration between models and PIL targets. By taking advantage of TRACE32’s open APIs and unparalleled support for targets and third-party tools, developers are not tied into a specific ecosystem or even target device and remain free to choose the best tools for each stage in the development.

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